LEAF is a relatively new organisation aiming "to provide an alternative perspective to developers entering the area.

If necessary, LEAF will oppose developers, take legal action against developers and authorities and do whatever is in the best interests of its members and the environment."

The Waterberg Nature Conservancy's view on proposed developments, as elaborated in a recent policy adopted by the Executive Committee, is the following:

The Conservancy understands the rights of land owners to propose new developments, but we are concerned that some proposals by themselves, and certainly all proposals taken together, have the potential to dramatically change the character of the Waterberg. We are concerned that the sparsely populated wilderness could evolve into an area with pockets of dense, town-like suburbs that consume scarce water resources and burden the already poor levels of infrastructure.

The Executive Committee has agreed to support LEAF by becoming a member at an annual fee of R2000. We look forward to becoming involved with LEAF on specific environmental issues in the Waterberg.