From a couple of different sources, including Richard Wadley, here’s the story about our beloved R33.

Marble Hall – Modimolle:  The tender has been awarded and the planned completion date is February 2013.

Modimolle – Vaalwater:  The tender has been awarded, construction has commenced, and the planned completion date is August 2012.  Note that the contractor is hoping to complete this work by the end of this year 2011.  Wouldn’t that be nice.
Vaalwater – Lephalale:  The original intention was to re-build the ‘old’ Vaalwater-Lephalale road via Bulgerivier.
Tenders were issued and proposals received, but the tender has now been withdrawn – because Sasol has shelved its Mafutha coal to liquid project at Steenbokpan until perhaps 2030.  And this road would have had a link to a new  Steenbokpan road.  So instead, the Department has decided to refurbish the 'new' Vaalwater-Lephalale road and is due to issue tenders to this effect in April.  The difficulty with this decision is apparently that the ‘new’ road was never designed to carry the heavy duty traffic now using it (the structure of the road, not just its surface).  So perhaps its refurbishment will be as severe as that on the road to Modimolle.