New development combines conservation, tourism and education, boasting a botanical garden and locally extinct species.

The Museums and Gardens are currently being developed 25 km from Vaalwater on the Melkrivier road, located on the left hand side of the Sterkstroom turn off. The complex covers some 50 hectares studded with numerous ancient trees ensconced in termite mounds. These indigenous gardens contain the strategically placed museum buildings currently under construction, with one already completed.
A principal objective of the centre is the environmental education of the region’s youth, working closely with local schools, the Waterberg Welfare Society, the Waterberg Nature Conservancy and Lapalala Wilderness School. No public Botanical Garden currently exists within the Waterberg Biosphere and a Reference Library, Herbarium and Archive Centre will form part of the Museum enabling students and the general public to easily access information.
Rather than one building there will be a series at different locations with a central reception, art gallery, lounge, tea garden and parking. In close proximity there will be a dedicated conference centre capable of seating 80 persons. The complex will include Rhino and Elephant Museum, ancient and past; Natural Museum, past and present; and a dedicated ‘Museum of Memory’ for cultural history. This will highlight the regions past and present pioneers.
Various species of live endangered animals will be a component of the museums exhibits. Ground Hornbills, which have been extinct in the Waterberg for many years, will be re-introduced.
The Centre is a registered Not for Profit, (NPO) organization, registered zoological garden and member of the SA Museum Association.
The centre will be open from Tuesdays to Saturdays and members will be advised of the opening date in due course.

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