Free roaming African wild dogs (Lycaon pictus) occur in Limpopo Province. These wild dogs are naturally occurring, were not reintroduced and did not escape from any fenced reserves. If they must be moved (most often to protect them from the wrath of farmers), they should be released in a safe area that forms part of their range. Identified safe areas in the Waterberg include Marakele National Park, Marakele Pty Ltd and Lapalala Wilderness. As none of these properties have fences that will contain wild dogs, wild dogs can escape and continue to function as part of the free roaming population.

Here's the fascinating story: from 3-6 July 2013, in the Thabazimbi area, three male wild dogs were captured (on a farm near Atherstone Nature Reserve), moved (to a holding facility at Marakele Predator Park), and collared and released (from Marakele Pty Ltd). See photo below. The collar takes four readings per day at 12am, 12pm, 6am and 6pm.

As shown on the map below, by 26 August, a little more than seven weeks after release, the dogs have travelled 889 km, making their way around Ben Alberts Nature Reserve, Madikwe Nature Reserve, over to Mafikeng in the North West Province, across the Limpopo River and into Botswana. The wild dogs are still on the move and the EWT will keep us updated.

Information, map and photo provided by Kelly Marnewick, EWT.

ewt wild dogs

EWT wild dog map